About Tamara

I believe all women possess infinite beauty internally, externally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. I am inspired by a woman’s strength, in awe of her curves, motivated by her courageous power and moved by her ability to be vulnerable. Most of all, I am passionate about capturing these characteristics and showing her just how uniquely exceptional and infinitely beautiful she truly is.

I specialize in boudoir photography because I love making women feel beautiful in their own skin. I believe that true beauty shouldn’t be measured against the beauty of models and celebrities but by the internal love of your own exquisiteness and the celebration of who you are.

Through boudoir photography, I focus my energy on helping women internalize their potential to be daringly sexy, in a comfortable and relaxing setting, regardless of their imperfections, size, height, or features. I strive to deliver life changing experiences that can help free you of your insecurities, explore your inhibitions or celebrate a very special moment in your life.

Boudoir is not just about the boudoir photos, it’s about transformation, celebration and realization.  Most of all its’s about capturing all of the things, big or small, happy or sad, good or bad, that make you who you are today through the medium of boudoir photography. It’s about cherishing who you are,  in your life, at this very moment, releasing fear, insecurities and inhibitions and moving forward through life with a new found confidence, strength and fierceness!

My goal for you, is to make this experience empowering, unique, memorable and most of all, fun. I challenge you to be shamelessly sexy, devouringly daring, provocatively powerful and most of all, infinitely beautiful! Book your boudoir photo shoot today!

I live in the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona with my wonderful and loving husband and beautiful, intelligent daughter. We love to travel, camp and spend family time together. I hope to instill in my little girl, the same power, strength and self confidence that I wish to reveal in you! I hope to give you the experience of a lifetime, break you out of your shell, press the envelope and be extraordinary! Above all, I wish to help you discover your infinite beauty! Book your boudoir photo shoot today, I’d love to hear from you! 623-336-6002.


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